FEES $100/HR

Professional Organizer



Together we will decide what is clogging up the space in your closets and cabinets and then organize what is left.


Switching out the seasons reacquaints you with what you have, gives you more room, and is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter the space.





Do you wish that your files were arranged efficiently... Let’s create an office that functions smoothly and is an attractive place for clients to visit.


I can help you organize your bills, tax returns, and all your loose paper to create a system that enables you to track spending, budget, and remember due dates. An organized and attractive home office can help you work more successfully.  


Space planning

Whether I create a furniture plan for your home or rental apartment, your furniture plan will be one of the most important elements of your interior design



Move Out

Moving is tough for everyone but an organized system can eliminate a lot of the stress.

Move In

I can help you, organize closets/cabinetry and arrange the furniture in your new home or create mini-rooms in a nyc studio apartment. No matter if your rooms are big or small, having the right furniture placement will make them more enjoyable!


Preparing a Home for Rental


The key to most successful sublets and Airbnb rentals... Clear The Clutter! I can help you transform your lived-in home into a fresh setting that functions better than well for guests and photographs beautifully for online shoppers!



. I am happy to refer and help you find professional licensed and insured movers, contractors and handymen to coordinate storage, if you are requiring any of these services.

. I can also help facilitate donations of clothing, furniture or other items to worthy organizations.